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Midnight Masks

The only thing I'm addicted to is s.e.x.

4/1/06 05:26 am - Liars, liars, liars.

Damn. I try to keep this thing updated, I do. I don't even keep my "normal" journals up. I'm sure something will come along, however, that makes my journals my friends again.

Cuz I have more then one of these. I think anyone who has a blog has more then one.

I've gotten some within the past week, and I would write about it. I promise, I would. If it had been with someone other then my ex.

Oh, we were sober, we were. Maybe a little too sober. I can't believe I slept with him. And now he's all like, "What are we?" And I'm all like "Uh......" And he wants to be with me, he says, but he doesnt have 20 mins to call me back and talk to me for a little bit? Around 6 he told me he'd call me back. Wow. he's going on 11 hours.

But that's okay.

3/7/06 02:19 am - A month late

I met you late one night, didn't know who you were at all. But we got along, and it was odd. And I spent that night in your arms, enjoying it all. I never had a guy understand me like that, it all felt so new and strange. Maybe that's why I allowed myself to fall into you. Maybe that's why I allowed you to touch.

To enter me.

I was hesitant. I didn't know you. I was scared. But I knew that I wanted it. Which was scary. You did this .. thing .. to me that rendered me unable to think.

You touched my skin in a way that electrified me. You kissed me in a way that made me forget. You made me laugh so freely. I felt alive.

You slid down my body, kissing me all over. You kissed my unshaved legs, my stretch marked stomach, my lumpy thighs. You kissed and breathed into my folds, sucking on my clit carefully, and then savagely with your teeth. I mentally urged you not to stop, as I felt the tightness in my body swell. I knew I was going to come. I knew you were going to make me.

And I knew it would be the first time a guy has made me come.

I always had to show the guys how to do it. And then when they failed, after we fucked, I would have to finish myself. Not with you. You just took my body into your mouth and made me react the way you wanted.

And then, without warning, you pushed yourself into me. I can't remember the last time I've been so filled up, so taken care of. You pushed yourself against me tentatively, as if reading my mind that I hadn't had a cock like yours in a while. You gently rocked your tip in, and then slammed all of it in. I silently gasped and tried to open everything up. You pushed harder and harder, me clawing at your back the whole time. I bit your neck as you kissed my own, moaning and whispering into my ear.

We must have been that way for an hour. And then it was over. You seemed scared to go on. You nuzzled against my body like a cat. I felt so safe and so at home, yet I knew it was wrong.

After I went to the bathroom and came back, We fell into each others' arms, laughing. We eventually fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up first. You then woke up and I could feel your hardness pressing against me. You made me grab your cock and rub it, while you pumped it into my hand and back. I knew you wanted more, but it didn't happen.

It'll probably never happen again.

2/4/06 09:15 pm

I think I'm addicted to the way you pull my hair.

The way you look in my eyes and tell me to suck your cock. That you're gonna fuck my ass. That you want me. That you're going to make me scream.

I think I'm addicted to the dark part you bring out of me. The way you pull this animal out of me. The way you make me want to become a giant cat and rip your throat open. I want to be this animal, this tiger, and have you fuck me.

I think I'm addicted to the harsh way you kiss my lips, bruising and roughing them. The way you pull at my nipples, tugging at my piercing, like you want to rip it out. The way you make me moan.

The way your cock grows hard in my hand by just the way I look at you.

I think I'm addicted.

1/9/06 07:12 pm

So .. I had sex last night. Haha.

My sex life has actually been pretty rampant. I'm just uninspired. And it's not just here; it's everywhere. I don't know whats going on, I just sit. It's not like I've become lazy. It's more like I've become ..."gasp" boring.

Something is wrong with me. Some take my temperature, quick. But I had good sex last night.


12/26/05 03:11 am

Well.. I really haven't updated this thing, have I?

I guess I've just been so busy. Or maybe uninspired. Maybe both.

I'm tired.

11/11/05 02:20 am

I got some last night. Yeah I did. I guess it was my delayed birhtday fuck, just not from who I thought it was going to be from.

I just wanted to let y'all know, but it's late and I'm gonna post this story to-ma-to. So bye.

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10/20/05 02:32 am - Sliding

I'm really becoming fond of that park. We went back two nights ago, just to hang out. Little did I know how much we were going to hang out.

We walked down the trail again. We got alot further this time, but you heard a growl and so we turned around. We then sat on one of the park benches and talked. We made out.

We jumped onto the play ground. You cornered me on one of the towers. You lifted up my shirt and swacked at my breasts with this wheat stalk you had gotten. I tried to break away, but you pushed me further into the corner. You then rubbed me through my pants, grabbing my tit and biting my neck. You told me you wanted to fuck me. I said I wouldn't mind. You looked at me and told me if we laid down on the slide, no one would see us.

I escaped, turning my back and running to the other side of the playground. I jumped off it. I looked around and couldn't see you. Then I saw you climb down a rope to get to the floor.

You laid down on the slide.

I came over and stood over you. You grabbed my ass and pulled me on top of you. You kissed me roughly, I'm sure bruising my lips. You started to thrust you're clothed cock into my crotch, moaning. You bit down on my neck as we rocked on that slide, you thrusting so hard that the whole thing was shaking and coming out of the ground.

We continued on for a while, when you told me you had to go home. I told you no you didn't. You sadly shook your head yes.

I sat down in front of you and slowly began to unbutton your shirt. You told me I was completely evil as you grabbed at my tits. You whispered how bad you wanted to fuck me, but how badly you needed to get home.

So what did I do?

I licked you chest and scratched you with my nails. I licked you like your whole body was your cock. I ran my nails around the sides of your back. Your cock grew even harder, and I felt it. You told me again that you had to go, so I sat back. And massaged your cock through your pants. Your growled at me and let me play with you. You kissed me and told me that you needed me to suck your cock. You undid your pants, exposing your huge cock to me. I took you all the way to the base, running your cock up and down my throat.

You came, hard, fast, and warm down my throat. I licked it off my lips, savoring your taste. Then a second later I saw a couple walking towards us. I told you to pull you pants up.

The couple giggled as the walked past.

10/16/05 01:07 am

Hey y'all, it's me.

You can feel it, can't you? That nip in the air? That turning of the leaves? It can mean only one thing: It's time for my annual "I don't post comments" post.

Yes, that's right boys and girls. I rarely will comments on someone's journal. Why, you might ask? I don't know; maybe it's the same reason I don't leave messages on peoples' answering machines. Or maybe I just want to read your life, and have you read mine, but not have any interaction. I don't know.

But rest assured, lovers, I read all my friends' journals. I just don't always comment.

So if you have a problem with this, I'm sorry it's just a part of my personality. If you wanna talk about it, leave me and comment (hahaha) and we can "discuss"


10/12/05 12:44 am

So you and I hung out tonight.

It all started out innocently enough. You took me to the park to play on the playground. It was around 8 at night, and cold. We walked around on the playground, casually talking about his past relationship. Then we went to swing on the swings.

I like swinging.

After giving you an amazing backrub, we went into the woods. Being the gentleman that you are, you put me infront of you. Every step I took was followed with a smack to my ass. I reached around to swat at you, and instead you grabbed me and kissed me like you always do. You pulled my hair and bit my neck and then spun me around.

And slapped my ass. I went to elbow you gently and you deflected, cupping my breasts in your hands. I felt your hard cock against my ass, wondering if you were going to fuck me right there on the path in the dark.

But instead, you freaked out and we turned around.

Thirty minutes later, we got in you car so you could take me home. At a random stoplight, I put my hand on your knee. I slowly worked my hand up your knee, up your thigh, to your crotch. You were driving, gripping the steering wheel and making jokes, trying to pass off the fact that your cock was growing in you pants.

We were halfway to my house when you pulled your pants off. You kept your boxers on, and I gently stroked your cock through you shorts. I slide my hand up the leg of you boxers and grasped your cock in my hand.

You parked in the church parking lot down from my house. I played with your cock and you kissed me. Kissing you is volcanic. I never know what will happen. Half of the time, its soft and moist. The other half, you use you tongue and teeth to gnaw at my mouth, biting and sucking in a way no one else does.

I grabbed your cock harder, moaning into your ear. You lifted up my shirt and pulled my tit out of my bra. You grabbed it, flicking the nipple and squeezing it. You put it in you mouth and my hand fell away from your cock.

It felt so good.

I was ready to fuck you, right there, in that church parking lot. Unfortunately, your mother called and you were forced to go home. I got dressed. You pulled your boxers off. You started your car and I played with you exposed cock the 200 yards to my house. Once we got there, you parked infront of my house. I kissed you good night, and then I lowered my head to you cock.

You grabbed my hair and made it so I couldn't come up. You forced to suck you. I wanted to stay there, with my mouth on your cock until you came all down my throat. But you had to get home, and the nieghbors may have been watching.
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